Feature Writing

Whatever the subject, I can write your article. I will provide the research, conduct interviews and write the article to match your publication’s style. Whether your audience is internal or external, I will provide an interesting article.

Business Writing

In-depth articles about entrepreneurs, a business trend, business concepts, how-to articles, or light features.

Website Content

Constant updating of information on your website, replacing photos, check and update links. Revise your present content to make it more reader friendly – quicker to peruse and thus get your point across in the short window web surfers allow you before moving on.

Editing and/or Proofreading

Manuscripts, corporate documents, association proceedings and rules, marketing materials.


Layout, write content, and provide final piece for printing. You provide the design and I will fill it with your content, provide original writing or edit your articles to provide the most user-friendly newsletter. Create both an online and print version or just one or the other. Move your newsletter from a print or PDF for emailing to an online newsletter through a service such as Constant Contact. Or simply update the look of your newsletter.

Business Support Materials

Brochures, postcards, newsletters, feature articles for submission to publications to promote your company.


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